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About Us

MTGA – this is lithuanian abbreviation of Association of Wooden Packaging Manufacturers, which was established in Lithuania on 01 June 2012. (hereinafter - the Association). It is a voluntary, non-profit organization. The association represents it‘s members interests in the institutions of state and others, in the media, as well as cooperates with similar undertakings in Lithuania and with foreign organizations.

Goals and Objectives
To support the economic, legal and professional interests of its members, to express and represent the common interests of its members in contacts with the Lithuanian state institutions, and other national and international organizations,
To coordinate the activities and the mutual cooperation of its members, to promote their competitiveness in the international arena as well as cooperation with foreign partners,
To teach and educate society, to provide information to the public in order to shape a positive public attitude towards the wooden packaging, to collaborate with academic institutions,
To identify emerging issues, to spread experiences of other countries, to inform our members about actions and decisions of state agencies and the institutions of the EU, that will affect the activities of members and respond to such actions and decisions as determined by the members themselves,
To analyze the business environment, market developments and opportunities, to summarize the information provided by members, in order to draw conclusions, proposals and recommendations and inform the members of the association,
To provide services which comply with the objectives of the Association and to meet other public needs of the members of the Association;

The Board
Association is administered by the Management Board and Executive Director.
Saulius Stonys was elected as the Chairman of the Board on 2017 August, 31st.
Other members of the Board: Juozas Kurauskas (UAB 'Kukras'), Saulius Grigentis (UAB 'Padėklas')
The executive director – Janas Likso (mob. tel.: +37061688011)