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The Association consists of: members and associated members.
The member of Association can be a legal entity of the Republic of Lithuania or a foreign legal entity, who is a wooden packaging manufacturer or repairer. A person can be the member of several associations.
The associated member can be any legal entity or legally capable natural person, who reached 18 years of age, and whose activities are related to the main activities of the members. Associated members have no voting rights in the general meeting.
Member of the Association has the rights:
  1. To attend and vote at the general meeting of the members, to participate in the Association's activities, to provide suggestions and requests to the Board of the Association;
  2. To use the services provided by the Association;
  3. To get acquainted with the documents of the Association and to receive the available information on Association‘s activities;
  4. To elect and to be elected to the Association‘s governing bodies;
  5. To use the information provided by the Association;
  6. To withdraw from the Association at any time;
  7. Other rights which are determined by legislation and by Statute of the Association.
Association advantages can be divided into two categories: they can either make money or save them. This is only a guide, but the results depend on your activity.
  • Representation of Association in public and private organizations in order to ensure that the Reglamentation will not complicate the work, not make it more expensive unreasonably (irrationaly), not destroy the business, and when questions of quality, professional responsibility, honesty of the management are raised,
  • Availability of the European Union's support for individual projects, use of other funding sources,
  • Dissemination via the web site of general and business information about the events, publications, changes of the legal acts in the field of packaging materials, business and production,
  • Involvement in solving the supply of raw materials (export) problems,
  • Encouragement of the use of wooden packaging (when aggressive advertising of the alternative packaging is growing), centralized fight against unfair competition and misinformation,
  • The possibility of sharing the common interests on packaging related matters and to establish business relations between the Association members and partners (partnership through membership), co-generation of new ideas and discussions,
  • Exchange of information on best manufacturing practice, methodological guidelines, procedures, and so on.
Membership fees
Fees paid by member Amount
An entry fee 30 eur
The annual membership fee (over 15 employees) 250 eur
The annual membership fee (up to 15 employees) and fee of associated member 150 eur

The entry and membership fees are paid by bank transfer. Payment details:

Medines taros gamintoju asociacija
Company Identification Number: 302812423
AB Swedbank
Account Nr.: LT90 7300 0101 3224 1349

How to become a member of the Association
To become a member of the Association you need:
  1. To Fill out the application form. (You can download it here)
  2. To send the application together with a copy of the registration certificate by mail or e-mail (PDF format).
  3. To pay the Association‘s entrance and membership fees.

The applicant becomes a member of the Association from the day of the decision of the Board to accept him, after payment of entry fee. If the applicant fails to pay on time the entry fee, it is considered that the applicant has failed to fulfill the requirements of joining the association and is not considered a member of the association.